The smell of the ocean encourages one to have a peaceful state of mind. The cadets were exchanging stories about all the single and handsome Mortelle Agents especially the ones that peaked their interest. Fawn laid comfortably on a beach towel stretched out across white sand far away from her friends. She was not up to adult chatter especially about men that were training them. She brought books to read that had nothing to do with crime or anything else that required her to think. She left all electronics inside her duffle bag in the hotel room. The surrounding air was crisp and fresh. Fawn was envisioning herself running along the shore line. And possibly hunting for seashells to put inside her small aquarium that she was currently working on.

I am curious as to how you apprehended Shelly Wilkinson. The lady was more than dangerous.” Battle nodded. “Fawn, have your ever dated a man seriously? She nodded. Than you should understand, what a man will do to gain your favor. I became the type of man that she wanted. I acted the part of a long-term man for thirty days and then I took it all back.” Fawn frowned.

“You were sexually involved with a mass murderer for thirty days? And, then you walked away from her. Battle smirked. I would have been terrified.” “No, I would not say all of that. Real terror can never cripple you Fawn. But what can is the constant anticipation of it.


An internal audit of all cases that were still open placed a frown on the Chief Director Lawrence Reeds face. He oversaw the Mortelle Division and expected more from his agents. He quickly made some changes. Director Blanche Kayfus had been replaced. Senior Supervisory Agent Melvin Madoff was offered her position first, but he declined. The position was then offered to Director Jordon Fowler. Madoff was a born field agent, and nothing could replace that for him. Most importantly he did not like bureaucratic bull shit.


Precious, I would like to start off by saying, the black boots look nice with the pretty gray skirt, but it goes against our uniform policy.” Precious turned completely around. “I do not know which one of those statements insulted my ears the most. Whats’ wrong with my boots? The gray skirt is a far cry from being pretty!” Phillip looked down at her boots. “What happen to the shoes your father bought you?” “Uncle Phillip, those black shoes are ugly! It’s bad enough, I have to wear this tacky skirt set. Now, I cannot wear my boots! What a joke!”


Why did you give up your man cave?” Scott burst out laughing. “Now for three very good reasons, Craig. First of all, I’m tired of smelling weed. Second of all, my father cut my money in half. And, I’m saving the best for last. Paying fourteen hundred monthly verses three hundred makes for a better fiscal responsible man. So, in a nutshell, no sponsorship means no money. I cannot pay bills because of trickle-down economics. Charms does not know about the crib so let’s keep it that way, shall we?”

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