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Rugged Coastline
Many have said that. One who neglects to learn from a youthful point loses their past and has no preparation for the future. The greater part of a person’s troubles stems from the sum total of their reality. However specific individuals that choose to become killers are not always without the knowledge or even penniless some come with charm appeal and sophistication. Before you go and slumber and then cannot awaken just know you’ve been warned.

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Gentille One was born and raised in Washington, DC. She currently lives in the adjacent state next to the nation’s capital. She loves to garden fresh vegetables and cultivate beautiful flowers. You can always find her social distancing, enjoying espresso shots, watching her beautiful bichon frise. She is an accountant by profession and a part-time writer. She enjoys reading, daily workouts, and traveling to far-off places sur- rounded by water. Chablis: I Can Now Breathe is her fourth pub- lished work. She is currently working on the next masterpiece, The Neu: Silent Threats

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